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Covid is Over Because Covid Will Never Be Over

How Does Obesity Affect Your Covid Odds?

Dashed-Off Daily Dobbs upDate: 11 December 2021

Dashed-Off Daily Dobbs upDate: 10 December 2021

Playing PredictIt, Episode 2: Day 444

What Are Your Covid Odds?

Progressives Seem Confused about the Supreme Court

Playing PredictIt, Episode 1: Day 435

Dashed-Off Daily Dobbs upDate: Oral Arguments Day, But Calmly Now (Part II)

Dashed-Off Daily Dobbs upDate: ORAL ARGUMENTS DAY AHHHH (Part I)

Worthy Reads for Whatever Week It Is Right Now

Explaining Your West Saint Paul (Dakota County) Property Tax Statement

Dashed-Off Daily Dobbs upDate: 1 November 2021

Dashed-Off Daily Dobbs upDate: 23 October 2021

The People's House Holds the Purse-Strings

Geld the Veto

Some Principles for Proposing Constitutional Amendments (On One's Blog)

Worthy Reads for 2021 July 28: Resisting Temptation

Worthy Reads This Week (2021 July 9): Lies, Damned Lies, and The Resultant Bipartisan Epistemic Crisis

An Asymmetry Observed: Partisan Obituaries

Worthy Reads This Week (2021 June 25)

My Chat with Commissioner Simington (Or: Fifteen Questions I Asked a Republican FCC Commissioner)

Worthy Reads This Week (2021 May 27)

Reading the Tea Leaves in the Supreme Court's Grant of Dobbs

Fifteen Questions I Would Like To Ask A Republican FCC Commissioner

Breaking Down the Chauvin Charges

WandaVision Title Sequences, Ranked

The Truth about Dr. Seuss Nobody Wants to Hear

What I Got Wrong About Lockdowns

The Evil That Runs Through Everything

Watch the Joint Session to Count the Electors

Special Comment on the Cruz Electoral College Objection