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How You Can Help Protect Michigan Mothers and Unborn Children

Big Penguin Polling Looks Real To Me

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"The Originalist" Doesn't Make Its Case

Midterms: Anything Could Happen

The Most Dangerous Time To Be A Supreme Court Precedent

Court-Packing Is For Wusses

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The Truth and Nothing but the Truth, So Help Me God

Theologiae Moralis III: De Usu Conjugii

The 10th Circuit Aborts the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act

Death To Gerrymanders

A Pregnant Ten-Year-Old: What Then?

The Rest of the Rest of Dobbs

The Sanction of Memory

The Rest of Dobbs

The New Parts of the Alito Majority


How To Claim Your Unborn Child on Your Taxes

When Originalism Isn't Originalist

An Obol for Glucksberg: More Q&A on the Draft Abortion Opinion Than You Could Have Possibly Wanted

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Dashed-Off Daily Dobbs upDate: 3 May 2022

Dashed-Off Daily Dobbs upDate: 2 May 2022

Reedy Creek and the San Antonio Chik-fil-A

Worthy Reads for April 2022: Curating Your Brain

Utrum Trans-mulieres Mulieres Sint?

Against Adrian Vermeule-ism

Playing PredictIt, Day 534: Liz Cheney Is Toast

We Don't Know What's Happening In Ukraine

P.S. Where Was Inflation in the 2010s?

Worthy Reads for Feb 2022: Elite Rule

How the National Debt Will Destroy Us, In Plain English

Dobbs and Zeynep's Law

Xi'an Is Fine

Roe+49: Abortion Within Providence

Keep One Eye On Xi'an

Peter Márki-Zay is Not a Conservative