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Why We Lost: Not Enough Votes

I Support the Minnesota Marriage Amendment

GUEST POST: A Good and Proper Trouncing of Pro-Amendment Heffalumps and Woozles, by David Allender

Who Wins? A 2012 Projection Based on the Partisan Skew Hypothesis

Romney/Obama as Baseball: 3 November: THE LAST INNING

The Great Democratic Turnout Miracle

Romney/Obama as Baseball: 26 October

Romney/Obama as Baseball: 18 October Update

Romney/Obama as Baseball

Impromptus on the Vice-Presidential Debate, 12 October 2012

The Appropriateness of Constitutional Amendments

James J. Heaney: Official Pundit

Go Ahead. Abolish the Electoral College.

Impromptus on Gov. Romney's Acceptance Speech, 30 August 2012

Paul Ryan's Medicare Plan: How to Explain it to a 5-Year-Old

Why Personhood is Right for Wisconsin, Appendix: Further Discussion of the Constitutionality of §939.75(2)(b)(1) if §940.04 is Struck Down

Personhood is Right for Wisconsin, Part IV: Why Wisconsin Right-to-Life’s Lawyers are Wrong, in Five Graphics and a Joke, Part II

Personhood is Right for Wisconsin, Part III: Why Wisconsin Right-to-Life’s Lawyers are Wrong, in Five Graphics and a Joke

Personhood is Right for Wisconsin, Part II: Why Wisconsin Right-to-Life’s Public Campaign Against Personhood is Deeply Flawed

Personhood is Right for Wisconsin, Part I: Why Personhood is a Good Idea

Update: Minnesota Amendment Title Cases

Reference Info: No-Fault Divorce Dates by State

A Quick Rundown on Minnesota for Marriage's Lawsuit against the Secretary of State

Standing by My Man

Roberts Rules: Why the Obamacare Ruling was Right

Quote of the Day - 27 June 2012

Reads & Reactions: Executive Overreach

Special Comment on the President's Institution of the DREAM Act

New Study on Same-Sex Parenting Raises Questions

Thomas More, Cinderella, and Religious Freedom in America

Moderate Republicans Triumph at MN House District 49A Convention

In Conversation: Some Thoughts on Global Warming

Quote of the Day: "It’s always a problem when you introduce adjectives into the law."

Why Catholics Don't Fast on Sundays

Paul & Minnesota: FAQ 25 April 2012

REACTIONS: Washington is Not Broken Enough

Thought for the Day: Abortion within Providence

Thought for the Day: Subversive Media

The James J. Heaney Institute Presents: Where Does Planned Parenthood's Money Come From?

40 Days (of Prayer) for Abortion

State of the GOP Race: Santorum Drops Out Edition

Quote of the Day: “You go to war with the Mitt you have.”


The Greatest Threat to Ron Paul in November? Romney Voters

Wickard and Health Care

REACTIONS: "Who Killed The Debt Deal?" & "More Than Just Broccoli"

Paul Ryan's Scylla, President Obama's Charybdis

A Film Made For Radio

On First Looking Into Heinemann's Eunuchs

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The Path(s) to Victory

Romney Wins AZ & MI: The Two-Man Race

The James J. Heaney Institute Presents: A New Study of Religion and Contraceptive Use

Santorum: "If government is going to get smaller, then people have to get bigger."

On Graphic Images of Abortion

A Modest Compromise on the Contraceptive Mandate

"Let Them Eat Condoms"

READS: NR Gets the Payroll Tax Cut Right

Are Abortifacients Abortifacient?


READS: Meanwhile, In Contraceptive-Occupied Great Britain...

Why Liberals Lie to Themselves about the Contraceptive Mandate

A Back-and-Forth on the Contraceptive Mandate

Is Marriage the Right Battle? Are We Fighting it Right?

Justice Ginsburg Should Resign

Romney: Still a Second-Rate Candidate

REACTION: Personally Opposed, but Sleeping with the Enemy

The Real Lesson of the Komen Kerfuffle

Komen vs. Planned Parenthood: A Win-Win-Win

Re: Were Early Republicans "Conservative"?

READS: The Definitive Secular Gay Marriage Discussion


On Insane Tax Plans

Why a Tax Protest Against Abortion Wouldn't Work

I Am the Ten Percent

The State of the Union 2012 is...

Roe v. Wade's "Jane Roe" endorses Ron Paul

READS: The Unbearable Wrongness of Roe, by Michael Stokes Paulsen

Roe v Wade + 39: The Corruptness of the Pro-Life Movement

Gingrich Wins South Carolina

Ron Paul and the Realignment of Conservatism

A Little Politics, To Start