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Wow, what an analysis. It helps make me more optimistic (and grateful) for the current situation, which I've been seeing as the capture of a hill followed by a fall into a swamp full of alligators. I think the major media deserve to be called the cardinal archbishop of that Cathedral. On January 22 our NBC-TV affiliate showed what seemed like half a dozen video clips of pro-abortion rallies, EVENTUALLY showing one brief shot of the March for Life.

At those rallies, a frequent message on signs was that it's time to go beyond Roe (which of course is what the pending "Women's Health Protection Act" in Congress would do). That leaves a lot of middle ground for the pro-life movement to seize in blue or purple states, including increased support for pregnant and parenting women so they don't think abortion is their only choice.

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New footnote features?!? Maybe I missed an update? How exciting!

As someone from the outside of your fight this was a very useful, interesting, and fair-seeming rerun. Took a while to get through it all but that’s what happens when there’s this much of a history!

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James, that was such a masterful analysis, I decided not to mention the one or two quibbles I have with your hypotheticals. I would feel like a heel if I did so!

Our God is an awesome God. He used the most utterly unworthy President in American history to bring about the Supreme Court that decisively overturned Roe v Wade. And He did so while preventing that unworthy President, the only one to openly attack our Constitutional government, from doing permanent damage to that government (even while his presence exacerbated the COVID pandemic and the 2020 racial tensions).

And He made sure that unworthy President was only in office for a single term. America as we know it would not have survived a second Trump term. It very nearly didn't survive that single term.

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